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2020 The Year of the Mask

Posted on December 22, 2020 at 3:49 PM Comments comments (25)
                                                               2020 The Year of the Mask.

Why bother with Skin Care at all if we have to wear a Mask every time we step out the door?  I'm hoping that you really aren't even considering that thought.  In the 19 years I have been doing Skin Care, I have found that the masks that are necessary to keep us free of germs has reeked havoc on our skin.  Instead of the asking, why bother with Skin Care, how about let's not bother with wearing Make-up for now.

As our face is perspiring underneath our masks, our pores are remaining open and trapping all kinds of impurities.  In this year of the Mask, I have seen some of my clients who once upon a time had a flawless complexion, to now having more skin problems than ever!

I say we need our monthly facials now more than ever.  I say reduce the amount of make-up you wear.  I say use your toner more frequently.  Hey, its a great time to wear those Eyelash Extensions and it's also a great time to get those small facial procedures like the Plasma Pen for those wrinkles around your mouth taken care of.  Hopefully we won't need these Masks forever, So make the most of this time and take the opportunity to make these minor improvements to show off your new 2021 Self.