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Choosing the correct Filler

Posted on August 31, 2017 at 10:17 AM Comments comments (270)
     With all the different Fillers out there, how do you know which one to chose?  Here are some ideas what the different types of Fillers can do for you.

     Let's start with Botox.  Although Botox is not considered a Filler it does correct the lines that occur from the eyes & up to the forehead area.  This includes crows feet, the glabella area ( the area between your eyes ) and of course the forehead area.  Botox became FDA approved for these areas in the face in 2002.  Until recently, Botox was in a category all by itself, it now has taken on some competition with products called Dysport, Myobloc and Xeomin.   This procedure is a quick 10 minute  that requires no downtime other than keeping your head above your heart for 4 hours.   You will see your best results 10-14 days after your injection and should last you anywhere from 3-4 months.

     Allergan, is the Manufacturing Company that Disperses Botox & all the Juvederm products now on the market.  Juvederm is a Filler that now has many relatives that help fill in all the different areas of your face.

     Juvederm XC -  The XC stands for lidocaine, which is a numbing ingredient found in the product ( and we all like numbing when it comes to injections )  If you are allergic to lidocaine, be sure to make this know to your injector.  Juvederm XC can be used almost universal to your face.  It's great for the peri oral folds on the sides of your mouth, it's good for cheeks, its great for lip fullness.  It's also nice for those difficult lines in the glabella and forehead area that Botox may not be able to correct ( although it is considered off label to inject those areas ).  Juvederm XC lasts approximately 1 year.  And the results are immediate. As are all the Fillers listed.

     Vollure XC -  Is the newest in the Collection of Juvederm Fillers and may be used the same way as Juvederm XC but lasts longer.  Approximately 18 months.

     Volbella XC -  Another in the Collection of Juvederm Fillers is finer in consistency and is best used to fill in Vertical lip lines.  Those nasty little lines above and below the lip.  It is also a great hydrator when injected directly into the belly of the lip.  Volbella, however is not to be considered a lip volumizer.  Volbella will last you about 12 months.

     Voluma XC -  Also in the Collection of the Juvederm Filler family, can be called the liquid Face-lift.  This Filler is used in the cheek area to fill and lift ( and of course as with any product, it all depends on how many syringes you are receiving ).  This product will give you the apples of your cheeks back and slightly pull the peri-oral folds out. I've also seen it pull the wrinkles beneath your eyes out as well.
( I am a definite fan of this product ).  You can expect Voluma to last you approximately 2 years. 

With any of these Fillers I have mentioned, My word of advise to you is not to wait for the expiration of the filler to occur before touching up.  If your filler is noted to last you 2 years, get a touch up within 1 year.  If your filler lasts 1 year make sure to touch up within 6-8 months.  It will keep your cost down and your face glorious.

XO.   lavender