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Hand Rejuvenation

Posted on August 10, 2017 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (289)
     Our hands reveal a lot....Sometimes too much.  Constant exposures to environmental aggressors, UV rays, detergents, water and being in constant use makes our hands more vulnerable to thin, wrinkly skin, dryness and age spots.  Hands need daily support and rejuvenating treatments, just as the face does.  I once had a man say to me that he could always tell a woman's age by the her hands.  That always bothered me, since my main focus was always facial rejuvenation.  But after some research, I'm on a mission to change that man's mind.
      Here are some Do's
      Shea Butter.....Alleviates roughness and uneven patches while assisting with collagen production.  It is rich in Vitamin A.D and E.
      Daisy Flower Extract.....A natural skin lightener to reduce hyperpigmentation (brown spots).
       Microdermabrasion.....Is still one of the most popular, non-invasive modalities for rejuvenating the skin, and it works well for the hands.
        Lactic Acid & Retinols.....This supports tissue repair from photo-aging and skin deterioration.
        Fillers....Such as Radiesse, may also be used to plump the hands for a more youthfull appearance.
Smoking & of course Sun Exposure not only ages your face but your hands as well, find yourself a good SPF, especially when driving.

       Follow these tips and see who can guess your age now.!

       XO, Lavender's Lair