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12 Month Skin Care Calender

Posted on June 28, 2012 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (55)
January, February, March =  Dry Skin Season.
Moisturizing is key.  Using a moisturizer that is oil based preferably with glycerine, rather than a water based moisturizer.
Heating systems also dry our skin, use humidifiers to add more moisture into the air.  Avoid harsh chemical peels or alcohol based toners.  Wash with warm water rather than hot and avoid steam so not to create lipid barriers from breaking down.
Make sure to moisturize at least twice daily, drink plenty of water and visit your aesthetician for hydrating facials.
April, May =  Spring cleaning!
Time to rid ourselves of that dry, rough, dull skin.  Microdermabrasions or chemical peels, (ask your aesthetician which is right for you) will remove that extra layer that our skin maintains during the winter months as a protectant and will allow the new & fresh skin to come forth.  
Hair removal starts now.  Blonde hair can be easily & painlessly removed every 4 weeks by a procedure called dermalplanning.  Dermalplanning also exfoliates dead skin cells.
This is a good time to add a refining scrub twice weekly to your skin care regimen.  This will help keep your skin soft & bright.
  • June, July, August, September = Enlarged pores, blackheads, milia, hyperpigmentation.
Make sure to understand the difference between sunblock and sunscreen.  Sunblock worn daily will clog your pores and is to be used on a high sun exposure day.  Sunscreen is for daily use and if used after toner should not clog your pores.
Do's shrink pore size.  Squeeze fresh oranges on a cotton ball, wipe your face.  Berries...any and all, especially blackberries help with antioxidants.  Wear sunglasses to avoid squinting and UV rays.  Cucumbers to your eyes will avoid puffiness and swelling.  PH balanced toner frequently to help control pores....keep it with you.
Don't   use straws while drinking that cool tropical drink, it creates wrinkles over your lip.  Avoid microdermabrasion, chemical peels unless, you are able to avoid sun exposure.  You will be at risk for hyperpigmentation.
Less makeup frees up more time.  Try brow tints, lash tints or eyelash extensions
October, November, December = Holiday and correct.
Underneath that gorgeous tan is probably alot of dead skin.  Microdermabrasions, Chemical peels may be needed once again to turn over skin that has been damaged and is in desperate need of oxygen, blood flow and collagen distribution.
Enjoy your year!
Until next month,
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