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Posted on June 4, 2012 at 11:26 PM Comments comments (221)
The warm weather is upon us, and whether we are going to the beach, planting, or just enjoying the outdoor activites our skin, ( our body glove )  is most likely starting to feel and look like a worn glove.  Steam opens your pores and allows them to breath.  When we are outdoors in this warm climate our pores open, and our sweat glands produce more moisture.  This moisture travels into those opened pores and  that sweat becomes dirt and bacteria.  Hello blackheads!  Dirt and bacteria enjoy spreading themselves around and where there is one blackhead there are several others coming to visit you in the same area.  In plain terms, blackheads spread.
You may say, "I use sunblock or sunscreen"  Great!  But unless the sunscreen or sunblock you are using is face specific the clogging effects are a guarantee.  Would you use the same body wash on your face?  I would hope not, hopefully you would use a facial wash.  The same goes for your sun protectant.  It needs to be made specifically for the face.  Why not go an extra step, take a small plastic bag, fill it with a few cotton balls, squeeze some toner on them and apply prior to reapplying your sun protectant, the difference will be definately visible.
Tans are glorious.  They make us all look healthy plus vitamin D is a very important nutrient that our body needs.  Babies get their vitamin D from milk and foods that have sufficient vitamin D to keep their organs and bones healthy.  However as we age, we need more of those vitamins. Unfortunatley, some of us drift away from  those essential vitamins in our everyday diet and 20 minutes of sunshine a day is vital for adults to maintain healthy organs and bone. Therefore, I would never advise anyone to completely avoid the sun.
This is the time of year that facials are vital.  Make sure to see your Aesthetician on regular basis during the next several months so that they can help you in keeping any unneccesary blackheads from manifesting themselves all over your perfectly tanned face.
Until Next Month,
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